Let GeoSec provide you with UK’s trusted Static Security Guards
Thanks to years of experience in the security business, GeoSec knows the importance of having a competent Static Security guard around. Don’t get carried away by the word “static;” our officers are versatile and flexible often exercising their discretion to ensure your facility is safe.
In addition to responding to threats, GeoSec static security guards are good ambassadors for your company as demonstrated by their friendly and courteous disposition to your customers and visitors. And our approach entails that they imbibe your business culture so that they can become good representation of your brand even without supervision.

SIA certified Static Security Services in UK to help you:

  • Deter trespassers, vandals and other criminal elements
  • Avoid damages to your buildings by preventing disasters such as flood, fire etc
  • Maintain order in line with your company’s guidelines
  • Keep an eyes on the happenings within your facility

We are vastly experienced in working on construction sites, solar farms and wind farms, all of which are an increasingly common today. And our services range from gate duties, site locking/unlocking and site patrols to security risk assessments and consultancy.
We encourage you to contact us today. Because no security need is the same.
And by paying attention to detail, we’ll collaborate with you utilizing a winning combination of trained experts and cutting edge technology to proffer the most effective and cost-efficient solution for your needs. Talk to us now!