Remarkable Door Supervisors UK.
Make the most of first impression. Together we’ll create a ‘welcome’ feeling that will help you edge your competition
No matter how much you spend planning and setting up your gig, event, or show, it can easily fail without competent door supervisors.
Door Supervisors are not just filling the gaps; they are essential determinants to the success of your event. They mind the doors and ensure those who have no business getting in remain out- they are the gatekeepers that protect your investment.

At GeoSec Limited, we provide fully trained and licensed Security Industry Authority (SIA) door supervisors in the UK that will help you protect your nightclub, pub, or venue. They help you keep tabs on the situation, and let your customers know you are paying attention to their safety and the business they are patronizing- one which is about class that and does not leave things to chance!

Getting the right door supervisors can be a tricky business. Most often, proprietors treat it as an afterthought without due diligence. Or they go overboard to the point of making customers uncomfortable.

Striking the perfect balance isn’t always easy.

Luckily, that’s what GeoSec is about- providing impeccable security for a living.
We have the perfect team of door minders whether it is for a quirky night club, for an inebriated pub, or for a potentially rowdy show. And even if you’ve got an in-house security team, we’ll be glad to bring our latest technology and priceless experience to help you compliment your team so that you’ll be confident security is one problem off your to-do list.
It even gets better: not only do we provide competitively priced door supervisors anywhere in the UK, we’re ready to match or beat any quote you’re been offered (T&C Apply).
At GeoSec we’re looking at the big picture. And by placing a talented team of experienced professionals at your doors, we are able to provide extra services that will leave guests and customers impressed which is more than likely going to impact your business positively in both the short and long term. This is our wish for you; get in touch and let’s set out to make it happen.