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Once upon a time, hospitals were considered one of the safest facilities in terms of overt security threats. Now, a tune-in to the news seems to prove the contrary- hospitals are coming under gun attacks as well.
Plus the ceaseless flow of visitors, patients, and staff in and around hospital results in creating a unique security challenge associated with an “open” environment like your hospital.
However, do not despair. Our teams of highly skilled and trained security officers are here to help.
We are aware of the peculiar needs of a medical facility which include dedicated access restricted areas, reliable locking systems, traffic control and direction as well as presence of valuable items and drugs that are targets for theft.
At GEOSEC we provide a pool of permanent hospital security professionals that specialize in keeping health facilities safe and secured including the lives of employees, patients and visitors. They are trained in covertly gathering intelligence, they understand the medical terms too, and can easily go about their duty without getting in the way.
Whether it is manning the entrance and exits, security surveillance and patrols in and around the facility, or restricting or directing traffic, we are ready to meet your needs.
Benefits of specialized SIA licensed hospital security contractors
Maintaining the security in a hospital environment requires special competences. There is the risk of people demonstrating sudden, unexpected and radical change in behaviour in response to events, and then there is the need to grasp the medical terminologies that are used daily. All these are challenges a reliable hospital security provider like GeoSec Limited will handle. Some other benefits we provide include:

  • A deep analysis at the initial phase of planning that ensures that our services meet the peculiarities associated with your facility without causing altercations.
  • Professional, immaculate, and polite in every situation, our officers are committed to adding value and helping you showcase your medical hospital.
  • Through carefully thought out practices we can adequately counteract unauthorized entry, enforce smoking bans, and provide direction to visitors.
  • Surveillance rounds with emphasis on flash points such as the dispensary and stores.
  • Play an active role as part of the first responder team.
  • CCTV monitoring.
  • Responding to aggressions at ERs or other departments
  • Ensuring fire extinguishers, emergency escape routes, and exits are functional.
  • Monitor and supervise traffic and parking rules.
  • Provision of security during hospital events.

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