Reliable Manned Guarding Services to help you keep your site secured!

Whoever thought manned guarding is just another coined security jargon has no idea and certainly never worked with us.
Manned guarding is a highly effective way of securing customers’ sites and this is one of GEOSEC Ltd’s strength in the security industry. GEOSEC manned guarding not only believes in providing static or patrolling security services at clients premises but also trust in securing surrounding areas as well.
The security industry as well as the construction’s is not new to us- in fact we’ve got an extensive knowledge about the who and what that are important. And we know the vulnerabilities and high risk involved in keeping a site secure. But honestly, it doesn’t worry us because it is an aspect we shine through case after case.
Our teams of experienced officers pay attention to detail, know how to identify vulnerabilities, and know how each site and its requirements differ from another. We’ll transform your needs, expectations, and the situation on ground into a robust security arrangement that’s sure to impress.
At GeoSec we have a team of security guards standing by ready to meet all your needs with the ultimate goal of maintaining the safety and protection of personnel and equipment on site- from construction sites to solar farms and wind farms, we’ve got you covered.
In addition to keeping your site safe, our security officers will enmesh themselves in the activities on ground and absorb as much facts as possible. This way our officers can provide answers to queries, keep tabs on authorized personnel, and provide useful insight into what is going on site.
Interested in:

  • Paying fair prices for adequately trained and highly skilled manned guards
  • Having peace of mind knowing your assets are safe
  • Getting a prompt response from SIA licensed security team always and anywhere in the UK
  • Qualify for insurance claims
  • Preventing theft, assault, damages on-site
  • Access restriction and site monitoring

Blushing for the right reasons your needs where met and exceeded
Then why not get in touch today and discover how we can help you keep your site safe via excellent manned guarding services.